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Thanks for a Brilliant 2022!

Talk about a year that changed everything! It’s safe to say 2022 was truly a year for the books here at Brilliantly.

Not only did the Brilliantly community grow in ways we didn’t know were possible, but we were able to expand full body, portable warmth to more women than we ever imagined.

Here at Brilliantly, we are firm believers in celebrating all the wins- both big and small. This year was a year filled with growth, warmth, gratitude, and many lessons learned along the way.

2022 had many wins for Brilliantly, and they wouldn’t have been possible without you!

From everyone over here at Brilliantly, thanks so much for being part of this journey. This community couldn’t have soared the way it has without your unwavering love, support, and commitment to inspiring one another. Thank you for making this community a brilliant space to be.

This week on the blog we wanted to take a moment to highlight some amazing experiences and milestones we achieved this year.

Brilliantly Warm released its Android App

As you know, Brilliantly Warm is our app-controlled wearable. We started off 2022 with the release of our Android app. This helped us expand the availability of Brilliantly Warm, our portable, full-body warmer to even more women! It’s available for sale here and the app is compatible with both iOS and android.

Launched our YouTube Channel!

A community is only as great as its members. When I launched Brilliantly Warm, it quickly became much more than just a product. It turned into a community of awe-inspiring change makers, looking to support and uplift one another. For the past few years I’ve been doing interviews on IG Live and we’ve finally turned them into YouTube videos. If you missed them live, check them out here! We’re so excited to be building a place for us to continue to forge a community committed to health, healing, and living your best life.

Partnered with Mammogen to giveaway 50 sets of Brilliantly Warm

This year, we partnered with Mammogen to host a life-changing giveaway. 50 sets of Brilliantly Warm were provided to individuals participating in a durational study on the product. This was designed to measure the value, impact, and lifecycle of products like Brilliantly Warm. Be sure to learn more details about the study here! And make sure you’re following along with Mammogen!

Brilliantly Warm was approved for purchase using your HSA/FSA card

My hope is to have Brilliantly Warm reach as many women as possible and I know cost can be a barrier. This year, we were delighted to share that Brilliantly Warm can be purchased using your HSA/FSA card.

Expanded Brilliantly HQ to its first ever office space!

The idea for Brilliantly began back in 2017 from the kitchen table and expanded to the living room walls. Eventually, I took over almost all the walls, spread my post-it notes even onto the doors, and my kids (aka junior staffers) were a huge part of the journey. I’m proud to say in 2022 Brilliantly expanded to its first ever office space and I couldn’t be more excited! Here’s to progress and celebrating your wins!

Brilliantly participated in the Dream Ventures SPV Summit Pitch Competition (and won!)

A huge win this year was getting to be part of the Dream Ventures SPV Summit. This experience was filled with many opportunities for learning, mentorship, and being surrounded by badass female founders who are committed to changing the world. I saw firsthand the magic that happens when we come together, support one another, and share our vulnerabilities. I’m so thankful to have participated in this event, and winning the pitch competition is a memory I will cherish forever!

Celebrated the one year anniversary of launching Brilliantly Warm—after years of research, testing, fundraising, and planning!

Words could never truly describe the feeling of getting to this moment. I am extremely proud of myself, the people who showed up for me, and the time and effort it took to realize the vision of creating Brilliantly Warm. It is the truest silver lining to the loss of my mother and so many other amazing women I've met throughout this process. Launching Brilliantly Warm has been one of the most vulnerable, monumental, and life-changing journeys I have been on. My team has learned so much from having Brilliantly Warm on the market and we're thrilled to have an updated version for sale now.

And I also want to remind anyone reading this that I’m here for you if you need me. If Brilliantly has taught me anything, it’s that we’re all in this together. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your unwavering commitment and support.

Featured in awesome places like Goop, RI Business Journal’s 10 Startups to Watch in 2023, The 2023 Day One Entrepreneur's to Watch, and many amazing gift guides!

This year has been a huge year of wins, and expanding Brilliantly Warm to avenues I didn’t even think were possible. This year we were featured on Goop’s 5 Favorite Things by Jill Kargman. Rhode Island is home for me, and being featured on Rhode Island Business Journal’s 10 Startups to Watch in 2023 was an absolute honor! We were also featured on The 2023 Day One Entrepreneurs to Watch list, as well as many amazing gift guides from brands such as Luminary and HeyMama. None of these amazing opportunities would’ve been possible without your support! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


It’s safe to say 2022 was one of Brilliantly’s greatest years yet.

From the bottom of my heart and behalf of the whole team over at Brilliantly—thank you for your support throughout this journey.

Here’s to an even more amazing 2023!

We’re wishing you all a safe, healthy, and happy new year—and we can’t wait to share all the exciting things in store for this upcoming year.

Take care and stay warm!

With much love and gratitude,

Kristen Carbone

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