Meet the founder

Hello, hello! I’m Kristen, the founder of Brilliantly.

I started designing Brilliantly Warm because I was tired of feeling cold all the time after my preventative mastectomy and implant reconstruction, which I had a few years after my mother Lisa died from metastatic breast cancer.

Much to my surprise, this was not a simple surgical intervention, but a process that changed how I thought about myself, my body and my role in the world. Feeling uncomfortably cold was only one of the outcomes that I deal with everyday.

What I learned over four years of R&D and user testing with Brilliantly Warm was that our discreet, safe, app-controlled, warming wearable is something that was exciting for many more women than I originally thought.

Since our product launch, we’ve heard from users who simply wanted a discreet way to control their personal temperature in the cold offices and outdoor jobs, from nursing moms who report that Brilliantly Warm helps ease discomfort, and from others who have chronic conditions that make them feel cold all the time.

Since the beginning, I’ve been dedicated to building a product that embodied my mother’s essence: beautiful, smart, authentic, no bullshit, and -above all- warm. I’m so excited that Brilliantly Warm is helping people feel cozy and comfortable no matter what their day brings.

I’d love to hear what you think. Feel free to reach out any time at

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