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Frequently Asked Questions

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Product FAQs

Is this for me?

Brilliantly Warm was designed for anyone who is cold and wears a bra. 


Please note:

  • If you’ve had radiation in the last six months, consult with your doctor before trying Brilliantly Warm.

  • If you are taking an oral medication or using a topical cream that causes skin sensitivity, please talk to your doctor before using Brilliantly Warm.

  • If you have limited sensation, we recommend starting your warming sessions on the lowest heat cycle.

  • If the fabric bothers your skin, consider wearing it in a pocketed bra.

  • Do not wear Brilliantly Warm with another electronically heated garment, e.g. heated vests, coats or electric blankets.

  • If any redness or skin sensitivity occurs, remove and stop using Brilliantly Warm immediately. 


What is Brilliantly Warm?

The device is made up of a warming pad that gets placed directly against the skin between your breast mound and your undergarment.


Is this safe?

Brilliantly Warm features multiple automatic safety features including:

  • A built-in thermometer on the patch ensures that it never exceeds 107 degrees Fahrenheit. Brilliantly Warm immediately shuts off if it reaches 107

  • Brilliantly Warm cycles through active and inactive heating, which makes it safe for all-day wear directly against your skin. So if you feel it turn off for a few seconds at at time and then resume heating, it's working as expected and keeping you safe!  

  • If the pod software locks up, it will turn off and reset.

  • Warming patterns spread out the heating so you don’t get more than 10-20 minutes per hour

  • Do not wear Brilliantly Warm with another electronically heated garment, e.g. heated vests, coats or electric blankets.

PLEASE NOTE: We can not guarantee the safety or functionality of Brilliantly Warm unless used as directed.

  • Only use the included cables and charging brick to charge Brilliantly Warm.


Can get it wet?

Brilliantly Warm is water-resistant but NOT waterproof. DO NOT take Brilliantly Warm for a swim or submerge it in water.


How can I clean Brilliantly Warm? 

Please use isopropyl alcohol on a cotton ball to wipe off the surface of Brilliantly Warm and be careful to not get any inside the charging port.


How can I dispose of Brilliantly Warm? 

Because Brilliantly Warm contains a lithium-ion battery, the battery must be removed before disposal and should not be thrown away with household waste. To remove the battery, open the plastic shell, and remove the battery to be disposed of by your local environmental regulations.



Support FAQs


I can't wait! How do I put it on?

Brilliantly Warm fits into any bra as long as there is coverage over your breast mound and a band or strap that is at least one inch wide. The warming pad sits directly against your skin and is held in place by the cup of your bra. The charging pod rests against your ribcage and is held in place by your bra band. 


How do I turn it on?

  1. Press the button on the charging pod once to wake it up- it's a little tricky to push the power button, but that's so you don't turn it off by mistake while you're wearing it.

  2. Download the app and sync your phone with Brilliantly Warm to control the heat setting. 


How do I know when it’s working?

You should start feeling warmth within 60 seconds. The app will show an animation of the warming button pulsing once a warming cycle is successfully activated.


Can I change settings?

Yes! You can change your warming setting at any time directly from the Brilliantly Warm app. If you've walked away from your phone, out of the bluetooth range, you will need to reconnect with the app.


How does Brilliantly Warm charge?

Brilliantly Warms charges with micro usb cords. It charges fully within two hours. Please only use the cables provided.


How do I know when it's fully charged?

You can check the battery level in the Brilliantly Warm app and the indicator lights will change when it's fully charged.


How long does the charge last?

The battery life depends on which setting you choose. More intense heat uses more battery power. We’ve designed multiple setting options to suit different heating needs while optimizing battery life.


Can I turn it off without the app?

Yes! Hold down the button on the charging pod gently for three seconds to manually shut off heating.


What if it stops working?

  1. If Brilliantly Warm stops working, please move Brilliantly Warm near your phone and follow the on-screen instructions for syncing to check battery life and for error messages.

  2. Try closing the app, turning off the devices and starting them up again.

  3. If you’re still having trouble, please check our support videos HERE


Do I need to keep my phone with me while I use Brilliantly Warm?

No! You’ll need to have it near your phone to pick a warming cycle and then you don't need your phone unless you want to change heating cycles or check your battery life. 


I still have a question. How can I reach out?

You can reach out anytime at, and we will respond within 24 hours.


Additional tips for safe use

  1. Always start with the lowest setting and turn up the heat only if needed.

  2. Carefully follow the instructions and examine the pad before each use.

  3. Only use the included cables and charging brick to charge.

  4. Do not wear Brilliantly Warm with another electronically heated garment, e.g. heated vests, coats or electric blankets.

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