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Brilliantly Warm - $249

As see in Jill Kargman's 5 Favorite Things on Goop!

Brilliantly Warm is an app-controlled wearable that delivers all day, natural-feeling warmth. Designed to warm you where it matters most—right at your core.


This patent-pending device is designed to fit comfortably in the cup of almost any bra, directly against your skin. 

Each order comes with a set of 2 warming units, everything you need to charge them, and a carrying clutch.

HSA/FSA Eligible.

Please read the FAQ for important product use and safety information.

Brilliantly Warm IS:

  • Safe & Effective - Temperature regulated and tested for all day wear

  • Comfortable - Cordless and seamless design to provide a “barely there” feeling

  • Easy to Use - User-friendly app with three bespoke warming cycles

  • Long Lasting - Up to 7 hours of warming on a single charge

Brilliantly Warm is NOT:

  • Intended for women who’ve had surgery or radiation within the last six months

  • Designed to be worn in the water

  • For medical use or healing

Please visit our Support and FAQ pages for additional information.

Please read the FAQ for important product use and safety information.


How Brilliantly Warm Works

Wear in any bra

Turn on Brilliantly Warm and place it comfortably in your bra.


Three warmth modes

Select warmth intensity in the Brilliantly Warm App.

It's invisible!

  Brilliantly Warm delivers cycles of warmth while you focus on what’s important.

How to Wear Brilliantly Warm

Brilliantly Warm's flexible design can be worn in almost any bra. There is no "right" way to position it—experiment until you find what works best for you! Here are some suggestions to get you started:

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