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12 Post-Mastectomy Brands We Love That Support Your Journey to Recovery

Updated: May 30, 2023

Here are some of our favorite post-mastectomy bras, breast forms, custom prostheses, lingerie, and more. All focused on your post-mastectomy journey!

We absolutely love The Peak’s blog post on Breastie-approved bras for all stages of mastectomy recovery and support. In their blog post, they outline over 25 different bras, tank tops, and bralette options so you can find the support, style, and fit that is right for you.

It got us thinking about all the brands we love here at Brilliantly that focus on supporting your journey to recovery for life post-mastectomy. We know this journey challenges everyone in different ways. So we’ve curated a list of 12 very different brands — including Brilliantly! — that can help support the unique needs you might be experiencing at this point in your life.

These brands go beyond just bras. We've included breast forms, custom prostheses, lingerie, loungewear, underwear, tattoos (both temporary and permanent), and artwork. While they each offer something different, what they have in common is a focus on supporting the resilient women in our community in navigating what life has to offer post-mastectomy.

Breast forms, prostheses, and bra inserts

  1. Brilliantly Warm

This list wouldn’t be complete without Brilliantly Warm which we’re excited to launch on June 15! Brilliantly Warm is a wearable heater created for women who’ve had implant reconstruction after mastectomy and constantly feel cold.

It’s designed to discreetly fit into any bra or fitted undergarment and sit securely against your breast mound. The wearable has a smart module on one end that contains Bluetooth, electronics, and a battery that connects directly to your Brilliantly app. The app gives you full control of the wearable so you can turn it on and off and control the settings without having to excuse yourself.

We’re busy assembling the first Brilliantly Warms and finalizing the app in preparation for our June 22 pre-sale launch. We can’t wait to have other women suffering from coldness, even in the summer (hello, air conditioning!) , get some much-needed relief!

Learn more and put in your order for Brilliantly Warm today: LINK

  1. Knitted Knockers

Image credit: Knitted Knockers

Knitted Knockers is an organization that connects volunteer knitters and crocheters with women impacted by breast cancer. They offer free handmade breast prostheses to anyone who wants them.

Barbara Demorest, a breast cancer survivor, started the organization when, due to complications, she was unable to undergo reconstruction. Left wondering what to do next, a friend knitted her the first pair of knitted knockers. From that moment on, Barbara knew that she wanted knitted knockers to be available for any women who needed them. So she picked up her knitting needles and the rest is history!

Why we love them: While traditional breast prosthetics can be expensive and heavy, we love how knitted knockers are completely free and give women a soft, comfortable, and beautiful option.

Where you can find them:

  1. Boost

Image credit: @wewearboost

Boost is a company that doesn’t believe that your breast form needs to be beige. They challenge the norm with colorful breast forms that look more like a piece of art than something you would put in your bra. Designed to give shape and contour under your clothes these forms are made from recycled silicone. This means these breast forms are perfect for swimming, exercising, and everyday use. Just in time for summer!

Now here’s the bad news… they only currently ship out to the United Kingdom. But they made it on our list because the founder has hinted that international shipping is in their near future! So show this company some love and get on their mailing list to be in the know when they start shipping abroad.

Why we love them: A lot of prostheses can feel heavy or uncomfortable on your skin but Boost’s breast forms are breathable, lightweight, and easy to position. Not to mention beautiful to look at! Here’s a video to give you a sense of just how soft and airy these breast forms are:

Where you can find them:

  1. American Breast Care

Image credit: American Breast Care

American Breast Care launched in 2003 to provide innovative breast care products to help women lead fuller lives after breast surgery. Today, they are one of the leading producers of post-mastectomy products including mastectomy bras, breast forms, custom prosthetics, post-surgery products, and accessories.

They have a wide selection of breast form styles and custom prostheses options for more of a personalized fit. They also accept most insurances to help cover the cost.

Why we love them: Headquartered in Marietta, Georgia, American Breast Care manufactures all its breast prostheses in the U.S. Not only do we love supporting U.S.-made products but we also appreciate that they use survivor feedback and suggestions to guide the innovations of their products. For example, their new cooling technology helps turn body heat into a cooling sensation so you feel comfortable all day wearing their breast prosthesis.

Where you can find them:

  1. ProudBreast

Image credit: ProudBreast

This Netherlands-based company makes Qups or comfortably padded breast prostheses that are easy to wash, lightweight, and come in beautiful colors and fabrics. They even have a sports option for swimming, sweating, and exercising.

The idea for the company began when founder Suzanne Kemp was diagnosed with breast cancer. After trying many different types of breast prosthesis, her dream was to find a durable and comfortable breast form that would fit perfectly in her bra. To find that perfect fit, she decided to design her own.

Sadly, Suzanne passed away just this year but her vision continues to live on through ProudBreast in providing a space for women navigating their breast cancer journeys. Although based in the Netherlands and their home page translates from Dutch to English, this company does offer international shipping, including to the United States.

Why we love them: The ProudBreast brand commits to making an impact and improving accessibility to the post-mastectomy community. Just last December the women-led company gave away 150 Qups to women in need who couldn’t afford prosthetics. We're excited about what’s next for this brand as they continue Suzanne’s legacy!

Where you can find them:

Lingerie, bras, and clothing

  1. Cherry Blossom Intimates

Image credit: Startland News

When Jasmine Jones, Cherry Blossom Intimates founder, was on the hunt for a breast prosthetic for her grandmother the only options she could find were in medical supply stores. Her grandmother ended up wearing many different prostheses but none of them were comfortable and none of them matched her skin tone. Jasmine wasn’t satisfied that such a vulnerable and intimate experience felt clinical and that certain women’s skin tones were underrepresented.

She wanted to create a place catered to women who have had mastectomies that is fun, sexy, and inclusive of all boobs, no matter the shape, color, or size. This led to Cherry Blossom Intimates, an award-winning lingerie boutique in Glenarden, Maryland. The boutique sells bras, lingerie, and custom 3-D-printed silicone prosthetics.

Why we love them: They sculpt every detail of your breast at Cherry Blossom Intimates for a one-of-a-kind custom prosthesis. This means you can create the breast form you want, and have it match your skin color exactly. Not only that, but they also partner with a network of medical insurance providers to make their products as accessible as possible to a wider range of people. Plus we love the inclusivity of their lingerie and bras, ranging in sizes from AA to N cup (and band sizes from 28-54).

Where you can find them:

  1. Everviolet

Image credit: @everviolet

After Everviolet founder Keira Kotler was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent surgery, she found it incredibly challenging to find comfortable and beautiful clothes during her healing process. After discovering she wasn’t alone in feeling this way, she launched Everviolet, an intimate apparel and loungewear collection designed for women through all phases of change.

The company offers recovery garments for women undergoing mastectomies, surgery, and other body changes such as post-pregnancy, menopause, and even puberty. From bras to loungewear to lingerie this company has it all, plus their products are sustainable and made in the U.S.

Why we love them: For those navigating an experience with breast cancer, there are so many ways that the journey can challenge your sense of self. This is why we love Everviolet’s mission of people first, and patients last. Their focus on helping women reclaim their femininity and discover strength through change is the guiding force behind all their products.

Where you can find them:

  1. AnaOno

Image credit: AnaOno

After a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery Dana Donofree's doctor told her that her best bra options were sports bras and camisoles.

Refusing to accept this reality, Dana launched AnaOno Intimates to bring both comfortable and beautiful bras, breast forms, and apparel that embrace different breast shapes and surgery outcomes. For Dana, it’s about bringing back both comfort and confidence to women impacted by breast cancer.

Why we love them: There is an option for everyone with AnaOno. Whether you have implants, flap reconstruction, or you’ve had a lumpectomy or a double or single mastectomy, or chose to go flat, the company has bras and breast forms for you. Plus we love that all the models on the site are breast cancer survivors!

Where you can find them:

  1. TomboyX

Image credit: Business Insider

Founders Fran Dunaway and Naomi Gonzalez launched TomboyX to create gender-neutral underwear that any body can feel comfortable in, regardless of where they fall on the size or gender spectrum. As self-proclaimed tomboys, Fran and Naomi were tired of the masculine and feminine divides in clothing, especially underwear. After launching TomboyX they realized they were far from alone in feeling that way, with a huge outpouring of support for the company and its inclusive designs.

Why we love them: TomboyX also offers adaptable bras designed for those adjusting to life post-surgery or experiencing body changes. We especially love their inclusion of the holdster bra, designed specifically for those who are recovering from a unilateral mastectomy.

Where you can find them:

Tattoos and artwork

  1. TataTattoos

Image credit: TataTatoos

TataTattoos offers realistic temporary nipple/areola tattoos for those who’ve undergone a mastectomy and are waiting to undergo reconstructive breast surgery or are choosing not to. During this period of transition, many women often feel bare or incomplete before nipple reconstruction or any kind of permanent tattoo.

TataTattoos offers a temporary tattoo solution to help the breasts look more natural and give back that sense of “normal” to women during this time. The temporary tattoos come in three sizes, six shades, and a variety of packs to match your skin tone.

Mara DeFilippis, company founder and breast cancer survivor, mourned the loss of her breasts after her mastectomy. She struggled with understanding her womanhood without them. She launched TataTattoos as a way to support other women going through a similar journey, attempting to rebuild themselves in this new chapter of life.

Why we love them: TataTatoos’ reviews and testimonials say it all. This product has made the biggest difference for so many women who struggle with their identity and womanhood after surgery. A simple, temporary tattoo can mean the world and help take away that constant reminder of what you’ve been through every time you look in the mirror.

Where you can find them:

  1. TittyPix

Image credit: Go Magazine

Brooklyn-based artist and TittyPix founder and CEO Fallon Smalberg wants to paint your boobs. Through a live or remote painting session where you bear all, Fallon creates beautiful breast portraits focused on empowerment, self-acceptance, breast diversity, and healing.

Started in 2018 as a fun hobby, Fallon had no idea how much her artwork would take off and how meaningful these portraits could be to those struggling to accept, love, and cherish their breasts. Whether you’re a new parent discovering your breasts’ role in feeding your child or grappling with the complexities of breast cancer, TittyPix creates a safe space to fully love your body.

Why we love them: Not only are these portraits a beautiful way to love and honor your breasts, but TittyPix also donates a portion of their profits every month to organizations that stand for unity, kindness, and love. We loved them so much that Brilliantly founder Kristen Carbone got her own portrait done:

Where you can find them:

  1. MediInk with medical tattoo artist Marnie Rustemeyer

Image credit: @marnie_rustemeyer

Breast cancer previvor and thyroid cancer survivor Marnie Rustemeyer is a former Wall Street executive turned medical tattoo artist. She left Wall Street and started her company MediInk after her own experience going through a preventive double mastectomy.

In talking to other women impacted by breast cancer through her other company Billow, Marnie discovered a huge need for areola tattooing in her own breast cancer community. Wanting to help, she trained extensively in medical tattooing to help fill the gap.

Today, Marnie specializes in 3D nipple tattooing, scar camouflage, micro-channeling, scalp micro-pigmentation, brows, and lip blushing. She’s passionate about providing medical tattooing services to help increase women’s confidence and enhance the quality of life for her clients.

Why we love Marnie: Marnie is committed to helping other women impacted by breast cancer. Not only is she running MediInk, but her company Billow offers soft and supportive pillows for comfortable sleeping after breast surgery. She’s an amazing human being, and we have loved all conversations we’ve had with her, including an Instagram Live we did back in April where you can learn a bit more about Marnie’s journey and the services she provides:

Do you have more suggestions or ideas for brands doing great work in this space? Send us a note at We’d love to hear from you!

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