Brilliantly Warm!


A Brilliant


Helping women make the transition from confronting

cancer to embracing life.

A Tribute

Even living with metastatic breast cancer, My mom continues to be the strength for our family. As long as we are all happy and healthy, she is happy. It’s inspiring and makes me proud to be her daughter.

- Rebecca Flint


Brilliantly Strong

Catherine Middlebrooks, founder of BrB Yoga, partnered with Brilliantly to design Brilliantly Strong. This free corrective exercise program is intended for women who've had any breast surgery and are looking to regain their strength and mobility. 

The Brilliantly Portrait Project

Originally a collaboration between Brilliantly, JL Photography and Luminosity Beauty, The Brilliantly Portrait Project gives women who have been affected by breast cancer an experience celebrating their resilience, inner strength and beauty.