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Meet our founder

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A few years after my mother Lisa died from metastatic breast cancer, I had a preventative mastectomy and reconstruction. Much to my surprise, this was not just a simple surgical intervention, but a process that changed how I thought about myself, my body, and my role in the world. 


Almost every part of my life has been impacted in some way by breast cancer and after suffering silently for years I wanted to do something about it.


Through Brilliantly I am committed to helping women who are actively looking to feel more like themselves. We are creating the products, services and content that make the issues women face more visible and allow them to embrace their bodies in ways they aren't often encouraged to do after cancer.


I am dedicated to building a platform that embodies my mother’s essence: beautiful, smart, authentic, supportive, no bullshit, and—above all—warm.


I’d love to hear what you think. Feel free to reach out anytime at

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