Here at Brilliantly, we’ve been working for the past three years on an effective, easy to use, safe and discreet way for women to control their personal temperature. The idea for this wearable stemmed from my experience of feeling constantly and uncomfortably cold after having breast reconstruction. 


During our user testing we found that women outside of the breast cancer community were also excited about this innovation. Of course! Even before I had implants I’d sit at my desk with a space heater at my feet, cup of tea in my hands and a scarf around my neck. 


We’re in the final phases of the design for Brilliantly Warm. It’s an app controlled product that turns any bra into a warming bra. It fits into a sports bra, underwire or bralette. It’s rechargeable and lasts for hours. Our hope is that this brings you freedom from discomfort and allows you to be present in situations where you used to suffer.


As we get closer to production, we’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences around coldness so we can make sure we’re designing something you’ll love. 


Below are images of our working prototype, and a few questions that will help us understand your needs.


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